Un-real Studio Associato

Florence, Italy

Industrial Design Intern



In the spring of 2019, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and was selected for a intern abroad program. I interned at Un-real Studio Associato, a product and industrial design firm, where I learned how to use complex functions within the Rhinoceros and Keyshot software, to problem solve independently, and to effectively communicate with my supervisors.

Timeline:  January - May 2019

Role: Industrial Design Intern

Skills: Rhinoceros, Keyshot, learning Italian, working with other foreign interns


   1 | The Ask


Based off of this 2D image, I was to build and render each piece of the lamp in order to display a 3D perspective of how the lamp might exist in reality.

2 | The Process


I paid close attention to the details of the parts and used advanced functions to efficiently bevel, extrude, and split the pieces of the lamp. My developed understanding of the functions in Rhinoceros has prepared me to build a variety of products.

2 | The Challenge


The most difficult part of the build was to copy to exact the intricate pattern on the lamp body. I was able to arrive at this solution through figuring out how the circles overlapped, distributing them equally, and through cutting out parts to reveal the pattern created by the overlap. My supervisors showed me how to use various commands, but I needed to discover a method of designing the lamp on my own.

4 | The Final Product