Play Me Again |

January 7th was a beautiful day in Atlanta. My friend and I took a moment to notice how quiet the streets were that morning. It felt as if the world collectively decided to hit snooze and sleep away the calamity we had all lived through just hours earlier.

We pass this piano every day too. Sometimes, couples sit here late at night and play short songs to each other, like they are the only ones here; others plan to use the space for hours – just enjoying the passing sounds and presence of those they do not know.

And this, witnessing the smiles and joy that a conveniently-placed, shared piano can bring, has made us realize that despite the chaos that may surround us, people still persist.

I cherish these moments because they calm the loud noise that has become so synonymous with current events – even for a brief moment. These moments refocus our perception to being present and reflect moments of joy that still remain. Play Me Again reveals that although we are overwhelmed by seemingly endless moments of tragedy, loss, struggle, inequality, and doubt - we are also surrounded by resilience, hope, good change, normalcy, a sense of community, empathy, and an end in sight, even when we’re not looking.